What’s the “Lifestyle” Score for your Home?

In the business world, a phrase that’s often used is ROI or Return On Investment. It refers to the regular gain (or loss) you’re getting from a particular asset relative to its cost. When it comes to your home, the gain may be more than financial. It may include the...

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Why New Brunswick?

Maybe we do have something to offer This past weekend I took some time to do a little shopping in Moncton. As I was walking through the mall, looking at the lines outside of stores, the arrows on the floor, and the masks on almost every face, it struck me how much...

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How to Find a Home that Has your “Big Three”

How do you find the home of your dreams within a price range you can afford? Most buyers start by making a “wish list”. But, it’s easy to get frustrated when you have a long wish list and expect you’ll be able to find a home with every one of those features. You...

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